Today signifies the start of a journey,  that will take some 28 months. This journey will take me to a start of the Bello Gallico ( in 2021 for a 100mile (160 KM) run.

The many many training hours will probably take a strain on the relationship with my lovely wife Patricia, to whom I already want to apologise beforehand.

Since I started running, I noticed that running longer distances really comes easy to me, and at some point I ‘discovered’ that the marathon distance is ‘only’ 42 KM. And during my weekend training that distance became the standard against to what to aim for in training. But if you train a certain distance already quite regularly, running a race for that same distance comes to easy. And one needs to push his limits a little during a race, so I set a mark in the distance.

In the coming 2 years I will probably face quite some hardships most of them will be non-running hardships. The most difficulty for me, will be slowing down my tempo.Hopefully my training buddies can support me in this process. Huub from Hardloopschool RunforFun, please keep an eye open for my running physique and keep giving tips on how to improve myself.

I also hope to keep running on Sunday mornings with the 140 group, but probably at some point, they will have a tempo that will be to fast for my liking.


Bon Voyage!!

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